Learn How Today’s Financial Planning Leads Your Money to a MOUSETRAP

Scott S. McLean
Founder, McLean Advisory Group, Waretown, New Jersey, USA

About the Author

A longtime resident of Ocean County, New Jersey, Scott McLean has been in the financial services industry since 1983. He founded McLean Advisory Group in 2008. Since then, McLean Advisory Group has become known for helping individuals and families in the Jersey Shore area plan for life events.

Scott dedicates a large portion of his time to educating his clients and those his community through financial educational workshops. Topics covered at these workshops include Retirement Income Planning, Social Security, Estate Planning, Required Minimum Distribution Planning, and how to avoid common mistakes retirees make with their finances.

Additionally, Scott’s passion for community service and his family’s history of service in the armed forces inspired him to establish “McLean Veteran Benefit Advisory Group”, a non-profit group dedicated to helping veterans with long term care benefits.

Scott is the host of the weekly educational radio show, Financial Insanity, on WBNJ and he has also appeared on numerous radio and TV shows as a guest or host. Scott is currently licensed in Life and Health Insurance, and McLean Advisory Group is a member of the Barnegat Chamber of Commerce and the Barnegat Rotary Club.

Scott is married, has five children, and is an active member of his church in Barnegat. In his spare time, he enjoys boating and water skiing with his family. On most weekends, he can be found running his horse farm, New View Equestrian Center, in Southampton, New Jersey.


Valuable Insights to Help

You Avoid a Financial Mousetrap


Because Your Financial Future Depends on It!

You receive investment advice from a financial advisor, have your tax return prepared by an accountant, and your estate plan written by an attorney.

When was the last time these three key consultants got together to discuss your overall financial game plan?
You’ve taken all the right steps, yet the mousetrap has been set.

You’re basically working with three blind mice, and that can end up being very costly to you … because the blind mice don’t pay the price; you do.

Three Blind Mice supplies the understanding you need to keep your key consultants connected and operating off the same financial game plan—because your financial future depends on it.

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